Lida Far

Virtual Teletherapy Sessions in Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey.

Lida Far, MS, LPC
Board Certified and Licensed Professional Counselor

You may not have “depression” or a formal diagnosis, but you know that the life you are living is not the life you want. Maybe not everything is bad, but you know things could be better. 


Communicate your feelings & better understand each other.


Together we can help to uncover the underlying causes.


Build stress management strategies to acheive goals.

You’re stuck, overwhelmed, and tired, and you need help finding your way forward.

I provide online psychotherapy and quick coaching services. I am also bilingual, providing sessions in both English and Farsi.

Are you dating or in a relationship / marriage where you & your partner are stuck on the same issues / arguments? Are you experiencing concerns related to Infidelity, Intimacy or Post-Relationship Break-up? I can help provide clarity and understanding.

Is anxiety, stress or depression taking over your life? Do you find that you are often worried, critical of yourself or exhausted? Together we can help to uncover the underlying causes of your worries.

Are you in a relationship with someone from a different culture or race? I can help you find balance & understand to your challenges.

Managing difficult pregnancies and parenting challenges can cause stress, isolation and feelings of emptiness. Do you feel lost in the struggle and wish to speak to someone?

Are you in a relationship with a partner with Autism and struggle to understand the challenges and difficulties of your interactions and communication? I am an AANE trained and certified neurodiverse couples therapist and can help to bring a better perspective to your relationship.

Do you need a Quick Life or Relationship Reality Check? I offer quick advice/coaching to help you when you are in the middle of making important decisions about your life/relationship? Do you need someone to Vent your feelings/frustrations to? I offer phone/video sessions to listen and guide you during these stressful times.

During difficult times, the support and the guidance of a caring professional can make a difference. I provide a safe environment and guided exploration of your strengths, options, challenges, and needs.

If your relationships or life circumstances have you feeling stuck, anxious, or depressed, I can help you.

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Modern mindful
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Declutter with the mindset of a minimalist. Professional therapy can help you to gain the clarity & motivation to solve your problems. 

I have over fifteen years of experience as a Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in private practice serving people with a variety of issues related to Relationships, Marriage, Women’s Issues, Life Transitions, Parenting, Acculturation, Multi-Cultural, Employment, School Related and Teenage Related Issues.

Lida Far, MS, LPC

Board Certified and Licensed Professional Counselor

Crystal Counseling & Coaching

Online/Video Therapy services provided to residents of Virginia and New Jersey and Maryland. Coaching Services provided anywhere in the U.S.A.