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How Can Sex Therapy Improve Your Relationship?

Perhaps you feel like you and your partner are missing the spark that your relationship used to have. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been intimate, and both of you feel like your romantic connection is suffering because of it. Yet you don’t know how to recreate the intense feelings that you once had. Or perhaps sex has begun to feel routine. You’re still physically attracted to your partner, but intimacy doesn’t feel as exciting as it once did.

If you and your partner are unhappy with your sex life, it might be time to consider therapy. But how can sex therapy really benefit you? Here are a few things you can learn from sex therapy to improve your relationship.

Opening Up

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell your partner that you’re not happy with the physical side of your relationship. It’s not always an easy topic to discuss. You might be worried that if you’re completely honest, you’ll hurt your partner’s feelings and make the situation worse.

But therapy gives you a safe space to completely open up. You’ll also have the chance to hear your partner’s unfiltered feelings about your situation. Yes, listening to each other’s honest opinions can be difficult emotionally, and you might have to face some hard truths, but starting from a place of honesty is the only way to heal.

Objective Guidance

Chances are, you feel unsure of what you should do in order to restore intimacy in your relationship. At the same time, you might not feel comfortable asking your friends for advice on this issue. It’s understandable that you would not want to make intimacy with your partner a topic of discussion in your social circle. However, this means that you’re trying to figure things out without any support. Through therapy, you and your partner can maintain your privacy while receiving objective, expert guidance from a third-party professional.

Let Go of Scripts

Maybe you and your partner are struggling because you’ve both learned certain “scripts” about sexual morality or norms from your cultural or religious backgrounds. One or both of you might feel a sense of guilt about your desires or needs. It can be hard to unlearn these various scripts on your own. In sex therapy, your therapist can help you break down negative beliefs about sex that you’ve picked up from other people and support you as you shift your perspective.

Better Communication

Telling your partner about your physical wants and needs isn’t always easy. Furthermore, you might be having trouble getting them to open up to you. Learning how to communicate in a healthy way takes time, and it can be doubly challenging when it comes to talking about sex. This is especially true if you or your partner were taught that sex was something to be ashamed of. In therapy, you can learn communication skills that will serve you well in all areas of your relationship.

Getting Curious

Finally, sex therapy gives you both the chance to explore what you really want in the bedroom. You’ll be invited to ask yourself and each other questions about the changes you hope to see in your relationship. You can also explore how intimacy relates to other areas of your relationship. This grants you the opportunity to identify how other issues in your relationship could be affecting your sex life. You may end up working on other emotional challenges and find that this improves your intimacy.

Are you and your partner struggling to revive intimacy in your relationship? Sex therapy can help. Reach out to us today to discuss your options for scheduling your first session.

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