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Therapy for Neurodivergent Individual/Couples

Neurodivergent, Neurodiverse or Mixed Neurotype Individuals and Couples Therapy

Anytime we are in a relationship with another person, one or both partners may struggle with communication, emotional connection, understanding social cues/norms, intimacy, and perspective-taking.

For Neurodivergent/Neurodiverse Individuals or Couples or Mixed Neurotype Couples, these challenges can be amplified. There are certain nuances and variables at work- such as sensory issues- that are not present to the same degree in individuals or couples outside of the neurodiverse spectrum.

I offer Individual and Couples therapy to help navigate these variables in order to work through challenges and facilitate growth and connection in your relationship. For both neurodiverse couples and mixed neurotype couples, understanding the similarities and differences in how each person in the relationships processes and moves through the world can help you be seen, heard, and appreciated.

Whether your relationship is in distress or just needs a tune-up, I hold space without judgment – you are not alone.

Neurodiverse Couples Therapy can:

  • Help with redefining, setting, and managing expectations
  • Help you work toward a greater understanding of each other
  • Help give you a clearer insight into the needs and emotions of self and others
  • Establish or renew intimacy

Additional Work

I work with both Neuro-diverse and Neurotypical individuals.  Individual counseling, like couples therapy, provides a safe space to work through any issues or obstacles you may be experiencing.

I also provide support for parents of Neurodiverse kids and the specific concerns and stressors involved with caring for those with high needs or with a different neurotype.

If you’re struggling and need support in this area, please reach out to me.

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